Join WAM Dragon Boat Club, if you :

  • already know how to paddle and want to up your paddling game
  • are new to paddling and ready to work hard to meet higher goals
  • love to be on the water and enjoy good competition
  • want to compete around the country and internationally
  • are looking for a more diverse social life
  • want to keep fit and maybe need to be careful about your knees



The WAM Dragon Boat Club exists for competitive dragon boaters from Western Washington state.

Dragon boat athletes who train rigorously year-round, work together on the water and on land, compete together locally, nationally, and internationally, give back to their communities, strive to grow the sport of dragon boat racing, embody the highest standards of ethical fair play, teamwork, inspire, commit, and have the will to win:

They are WAM!


Dragon Boat Racing is a pure team sport, with each crew member contributing in their own unique way. WAM separates itself from other Western Washington state teams by competing at a higher level of events. The training is much more intense, and there are expectations of fitness level and testing that the crew performs in order to be selected to compete. The crew holds themselves accountable for the success of the entire Team. WAM offers the platform in which to compete nationally and internationally, and the crew trains together year-round. They want to, they have to, in order to win.