"You don't have to be a world class athlete or a perfect paddler, but you do have to be willing to learn and to work hard.  WAM members are positive, dedicated, hard working people who aren't afraid to put themselves in uncomfortable positions in order to grow as people and as paddlers."
Claudia, 8 year member

"This is an international sport that offers opportunities to travel and compete across the globe. WAM has had success and wants to continue its success competing internationally. WAM is a growing club, and welcomes new members who want to help WAM build upon its success."
Shelagh, 8 year member

"Great group of people to be around. Really good human beings.  It is a community : the dragon boat community that forms a bond amongst hundreds at any given event."
Paul, 9 year member

"Hard training with a purpose is satisfying and the joy of the race is exhilarating!  Our goals are clear and I appreciate the direct, no-nonsense approach to helping us achieve our goals."
Roo, 4 year member

"Join us and we will train you to be the best paddler you can be. We are a fun group to socialize with."
Hai, 9 year member

"It is a true team sport where everyone encourages each other. It builds the mind, body and spirit.  WAM members are diverse, and the team is committed to the sport and the community."
Jen, 3 year member