What to wear and bring

What to Bring

  • PFD (personal flotation device/life vest) if you have one; if not we can provide
  • Dragon boat paddle if you have one; if not we can provide
  • Water bottle
  • (Optional) Seat pad - the benches are hard so some use seat pads for extra cushion; click here for an example
  • (Optional) Extra/change of clothing and towel in your car - optional

Prepare to get splashed…it is a water sport!

Year round

Wicking clothing like wool or athletic quick dry, no cotton at any time

Hat (for warmth, or for shade)


Footwear that can get wet

Warmer/sunny weather 


Electrolytes/sports drink/sports chews : Liquid IV, Skratch, Clif Bloks

Colder weather

Layers are a must; there are always breaks during the workout during which layers can be shed

Rain pants and waterproof jacket as desired

Gloves with a grip; a lot of paddlers wear NRS Fuse Gloves in the winter; other options are longer : insulated, or uninsulated; if you'd like to try some first, many members have extra pairs they are willing to lend in the short term

Wool socks with shoes/boots, or neoprene booties


Pre-workout - avoid fatty, carb heavy foods; go for small portions that will provide some energy but don't overdo it

Post-workout - a balance of protein and energy replenishment